Sick Of Hearing About “UnDecideds”?


This election cycle is struggling to identify and define the undecided voters still perched on the fence. I found it quite difficult myself to gather an inkling of understanding as to what are these folks waiting to hear? Do you just enjoy being indifferent? Like many others last night, I poured a drink and placed it in the chiller with the hope of returning for it when the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan got a bit too policy wonkish and boring, but that point in the never came.

Like many, I couldn’t turn my eyes away from the screen or my twitter page as they both were struggling to maintain the data and capture the highly anticipated moments. For a minute I thought, “the differences are stark…whatever is not being said, it should be considered intentional”.

For months the democrats have levied heavy attacks on the republicans regarding the GOP’s intentional campaign course of “say nothing”. The United States Congress is currently sitting on a 7% approval rating as the “do nothing” congress and democrats have dubbed the GOP ticket as the “say nothing” ticket.

Congress has actually done something believe it or not, probably not. Democrats have thrown sand in the eyes of republicans by pushing every bit of its liberal agenda as a tactic for job creation and helping those in poverty climb into the middle class, not sure how funding abortions overseas accomplishes that, but hey…that’s what they said.

Republicans have done a lot too. They have spent the last four years on defense as if it were a game of football and The White House was the end zone. They have earned the “do nothing” moniker because in the absence of a true goal post, all have been pleased to just punt it away deep in the opposite direction only to watch them scramble once again for more yardage. Currently the field is bloody, the players battered and the game tied at zero.

It looks as if that strategy has worked by and large for both sides. They both can argue that they have “fought” for their principles and stood their ground, and that they did. Because it has proved effective, the Romney campaign has adopted the strategy for their presidential ambitions as well. By becoming the “say nothing” ticket, Romney defended his lack of specificity several weeks ago on Meet The Press with David Gregory by saying, “…if we release more details of what we plan to do they will only use it to attack us. We are building a framework and we will work with the Congress in a bipartisan way”…blah blah blah.

The strategy worked for Romney with his taxes, he declined to release them for fear that the democrats would dig through them and paint every investment and deduction in a negative light. For all practical purposes, he was successful; it worked. Democrats believe the Romney-Ryan ticket will say just about anything to get elected other than what they really plan to do once elected. Even still, the strategy is working.

Obama spent his four years effectively going through his checklist like Santa Clause of 2008, attempting to deliver all he had campaigned on. Many now wish Obama had taken more from the Rham Emmanuel play book of bloody-knuckles and did damage to the republicans immediately out of the gates and not waste time on what some have considered a winless battle so soon (…considering ObamaCare will only survive if Obama is re-elected even though the Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of the new law; Republicans will just make sure the law never gets funded if Romney wins).

With that said, whatever Undecideds are waiting for…it ain’t coming! Romney tax records? He already said he’s not showing anymore. Specifics about his Tax Plan for America? He’s already said “…the framework” is on his website. What about his view on abortion and reversing Roe V. Wade?, he’s said a lot of things, albeit they are all contradictions of each other.

Obama believes in Same Sex marriage, gays in the military and Universal healthcare for everyone. He also thinks you should pay for it the same way you pay Social Security and Medicare; you are not using it now, but you are paying every payday. Romney thinks the children of immigrants who came here illegally should self deport themselves and go back “home” to a place they have likely never been and apply for a visa to return; all 11 million of them or face deportation- that’s his immigration policy. Obama believes we need less defense spending, Romney thinks we need more, just to project the image of strength even if we go in debt doing it.

Well, I finally made it to the chiller to retrieve that much needed drink, but only after the debate had ended and the networks all began their renditions of response tracking and seeing what each undecided voter felt about what they had heard. Click after click, networks one after another were showing these undecideds as unmovable. I gulped it down just as Paul Ryan drank from his never-ending glass of water during the entire debate.

Undecideds are not swing voters; swing voters vote the issues…they know the issues and do not subscribe to any one party for affiliation. Just as the campaigns have moved away from courting the undecided voters and turned their focus to independent voters (swing), its about time the networks do the same because there are always going to be people who are just simply indecisive…about everything.

So there you have it Mr. and Mrs. Undecided Voter! These political positions are not going to change, unless you’re only talking about Mitt Romney- he’s likely to morph yet again somehow before Election Day. Maybe you should just keep waiting, maybe he will finally say something you actually like and help you decide. Good luck with that! That’s my story and um sticking to it.
Antron Johnson


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