To date, we have looked at states that were either always considered battleground turfs or they were once conservative strongholds now up for grabs but the narrative with Wisconsin now changes because ideally it was a state expected to go once again for Obama; as it did in 2008. Only with the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for the VP slot by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney did the state turn a shade of purple.

That’s a hit to the Obama camp for sure, they were counting that into their election day math, but that’s exactly the purpose of our 9Day/9Ways post; to look at how campaigns are able to pivot and refocus. The first one to 270 wins and Wisconsin has a seat at the table this year hands down with Paul Ryan on the republican ticket. Although that’s not a sure in, it’s definitely not to be overlooked.

The citizens of Wisconsin have been extremely politically active over the last year with the unsuccessful recall of the republican Governor, Scott Walker; the hotly contested Senate race with its former Governor, and former Bush Cabinet Secretary, Tommy Thompson. The late addition of Ryan has served as a boon to the GOP’s brand, but Ryan is somewhat double-dipping in the ad markets considering he’s running to become the next Vice President of the United States while simultaneously running to maintain his Congressional House seat in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is a must win for the Romney campaign. Ryan must deliver the state in order for the ticket to be successful in November. Romney is not expected to deliver the two states he has spent quite a bit of time in; Michigan, the battleground – and Romney’s birthplace as well as the state his father served as Governor and Massachusetts, Mr. Romney’s current place of residence – and the state in which he himself served as Governor for 4yrs. The campaign cannot afford to lose two of the nine battleground states and expect to win The White House.

Many will be watching the State on November 6th because in the hands of those in Wisconsin, they hold the keys to several major shifts in political power in the halls of the nation’s Capital. The Senate race may tip the Senate majority to the GOP, giving the republicans the entire Congress, a death-nail to the Obama agenda and to the President’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

Those same voters playa major role in whether Obama will become only the second Democrat to be limited to one term in modern history, behind Carter 1976-1980. Although Ryan is expected to retain his congressional seat, he is smart not to take his opponents for the seat for granted. The loss of his House seat, removes a powerful GOP leader from the House Budget Committee and brings the House of Representatives within improbable reach do the democrats and Nancy Pelosi.

Wisconsin has arrived at the Big Show and they are ready to dance. That’s my story and um sticking to it.

Antron Johnson

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