Blood In The Water


What Neil Newhouse, a Romney pollster, called a sugar high among those in the electorate who are the reason for the recent post convention bounce for Obama is likely more similar to an awakening of the democratic base. The jump in the polling data shows they didn’t just answer the phones for the polls, they went online and donated more cash to the President’s re-election campaign, finally besting the high dollar contributions of the Romney camp; $111 million to nearly 150 million respectively.

In his memo to news journalist, Newhouse warned, “don’t get too worked up…Mitt Romney will win this race”. The air is seeping out of this hot air balloon when you feel you have to publicly say “we’re not panicking”. When you have to say, it may mean, you usually are.

It would be understandable, as of late the sharks within the republican party have begun to circle the blood in the water. The Romney campaign has, in all fairness, has been forced to attack Obama, take the defense positions against exposing the candidate to further scrutiny over his own taxes, Congressman Ryan’s budget plans and votes, as well as the walk-back of endless statement over-reaches (lies), that intentionally misrepresented Mr. Ryan’s past and present positions. Both Romney and Ryan have had enough “re-introductions” to explain their change on just about every position in the political spectrum.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough offered some harsh words for Mitt Romney via Twitter on Saturday night. “Romney will lose if he doesn’t dramatically change his strategy,” he said. “Negative ads won’t substitute for conservative ideas…The Romney campaign is not conservative. It is just as cynical and risk-averse as Team Obama. A real conservative would be winning now.”

Scarborough is only the first of few to voice their concerns with Team Romney. “Romney has been clear he will avoid specifics on balancing the budget and shrinking government. Not the Reagan and Thatcher way…The truth is that Thatcher would have lost in 1979 and Reagan would have lost in 1980 if they had run as timid a campaign ad [sic] Mitt Romney.”

What has long been lacking from the GOP candidate is freshness. There are no new ideas and this will cost him the election unless corrected. The only thing being repeated are the same narratives from media outlets looking for specifics, no answer in return. Romney can dominate the microphone if he keeps them tethered with new information and access.

John McCain did this in his 2000 campaign with the “Straight Talk Express”, his motor-coach named famously for his candor and openness. Many of the ideas were a foot note since the media talked more about their access and his candor. If not for Bush’s name recognition, McCain could have had a serious run.

Bill Clinton did this in 1992, despite adulterous rumors in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion and beyond, the press was more enthralled at the access and grasp of all things political by the then governor who displaced a popular war time president, Bush 41.

Republicans are smelling the blood in the water as the Romney camp all but ceded the state of Ohio this past week to Obama; the state they themselves said they needed to win in order to reach The White House. So many have staked their political mettle to Romney to show solidarity, yet, some will begin to launch their own efforts to get state and national candidates elected down ballot just save the other races and restore their street cred.

This will propel an Obama win in November when the house of cards begin to sway. These sharks have proven they are eager to cannibalize their own on a moments notice. That’s my story and um sticking to it.
Antron Johnson

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