Hillary’s Path to 2016


Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has made it quite clear that she has plans on retiring from government at the end of Obama’s first term as President. But what she has not done is completely ruled out a presidential run in 2016.

There are reasons for that, her boss is currently the President and the person who pushed for her becoming Secretary of State, her friend, the current Vice President, Joe Biden should by all measures, the next nominee in the party in 2016. So these factors make it quite complicated to say much else.

Biden has hopes to ascend, however, the party and the American people may look beyond Biden in an effort to pay respects to Hillary for playing the good little soldier after the primary fight with Obama in 2008. Biden may step aside to avoid the unwanted politics and pressure within the party to have him replaced on the ticket with yet another historic election with a powerful brand that may make The White House the residence of a democrat for another 8 years, shunning conservatives for close to two straight decades.

Her path appears brilliant. First, resign from State and lay low for two years. Then, just as President Obama, if re-elected in November, becomes a lame duck president in 2014, make a return with a book about her life in politics. Schedule a national book tour, while Bill Clinton leaks rumors of why the nation will need her in The White House. Chelsea Clinton,who just signed an agreement with NBC as a correspondent will also be in place for the next presidential cycle.

Terry McAulliffe, long tome friend of the Clinton’s and fundraiser for the machine pledged yesterday to raise whatever funds necessary if Hillary decides on another run. McAulliffe’s failed gubernatorial run in Virginia last cycle has allowed him to build his case for another run in 2014. Should he win, and it is likely, Hillary will need Virginia, and Terry will be there to deliver it with buckets of cash.

Rahm Emmanuel, another former advisor to former president Bill Clinton, White House Chief of Staff to President Obama and now the Mayor of Chicago, will be there to ensure Illinois stays blue for Clinton. The lesson learned from 2007?…money alone will not be the currency required, but also a ground game with all the pieces in place.

It’s precisely what the Clinton overlooked against then candidate, Senator Barack Obama. What he initially didn’t have in the way of money, he more than made up for in grassroots and ground game. You better know, with Bill Clinton sitting and whispering in her ear, that retirement won’t last long. Former President Clinton, wants several things. He wants to return to The White House with a co-presidency.

He also would like to show the world how awesome he is to map not just one trip to the Oval but two! Can you imagine the biggest thumb of the nose to all those Clinton haters? If you think it’s too much to swallow, calm down…we’ve lived through two Bush presidencies, one more Clinton cant hurt. Right?

Imagine the Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, all campaigning for Hillary…can you see it? Okay, maybe not Biden. That’s my story and um sticking to it.

Antron Johnson


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