Let’s Get To Work!

Living On Purpose is never easy, but you don't retreat at the sign of trouble. We've got work to do!

Living On Purpose is never easy, but you don’t retreat at the sign of trouble. We’ve got work to do!

We began this race one year ago to address the ever-growing frustration in our community; to lend a voice to plight many Georgians were enduring. Last night, we came up short in retaking the State Senate seat. I have no regrets for taking this stand and it won’t be the last time, of that I am certain. Even in defeat, purpose driven life wins!

We as citizens have a great deal of work to and that can’t be entrusted to political parties, instead we must take that mantle and run with it to improve our communities as well as work to enrich the very lives we say we hope to empower. Becoming more engaged in your community is the only way this will change.

There is no denying, we are disappointed with the outcome of this race, however, I am personally in awe with the level of support we have received and the outpouring of those self-less voters who carried the torch for me! It’s something that I will always carry with me in the belief that change is coming.

Make no mistake, we, as democrats have some housekeeping to do. This race was about turnout and we simply didn’t get that done. The stakes couldn’t be any higher, yet we as a party for the people either chose not to defend those most valued principles fully or we couldn’t get above the noise of national influence casted upon this state, but either way, this is not a time to turn back.

I am grateful to the thousands upon thousands of Georgians who believed in my message of working to make life better for hard working men and women in this state.  I see this as an opportunity to educate and empower voters, not retreat. We saw a class of candidates presented this cycle that I believe was absolutely stellar and set aside for this time of service, and my prayer is that they too, regroup and overcome so that they can be of service and empower.

Pledge to serve others before yourself, that is where your victory can be found. On behalf of my family, who has made this huge sacrifice with me, I thank you for this opportunity! Do not let the fear of falling short after aiming high prevent you from living on purpose!


In His Service,


Vote Today! -By Antron Johnson

Georgia State Capitol Dome.

Georgia State Capitol Dome.

I don’t have to tell you how important voting today truly is or at least I hope I don’t. Last Fall, I decided that we simply couldn’t afford two more years of the same failed leadership in the Georgia Legislature and complaining about just would no longer suffice.

As I looked I quickly found that I was not unique in this way.   As GOP super majorities were being drafted, Georgians were hurting with high unemployment, no healthcare solutions and a growing self-pride among themselves for doing nothing and saying no.  I realized no one was coming to help and unless I stepped forward.  I would, in essence, be conceding my voice yet again to establishment politics that only benefit the well connected.  We need new voices and new leadership and you get to decide one with the other.

Thus began my quest to get a seat at the table, but not just any seat.  I reached out to Senators Chambliss and Isaakson and received cordial messages indicating they received my inquiries, however “we know best…” jargon. It’s not that Georgians don’t understand the realities of government and our officials, however, what we don’t understand how they pledge their positions to party and State, while citizens succumb to withered safety nets and partisan liberty and freedom banter.

If you don’t like it, work to change it! And so we did. There’s been much talk about a personal bankruptcy I filed, but what they won’t tell you is $1.3 million dollars in pediatric medical bills for a child in your care with Special Needs will always have a way of effecting your personal finances, especially when these expenses occurred prior to President Obama pushing for universal health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  What they won’t tell you is that their obstruction and political pledges to ensure hard working Georgians like myself return to broken systems of care for those who need it most.

Support Antron Johnson, For Georgia State Senate, District 6

Support Antron Johnson, For Georgia State Senate, District 6

Why would my opponent oppose this? We did everything right. I had medical insurance, we weren’t looking for handouts.  However, once a child is diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, all bets were off before ObamaCare. That’s the world we lived in before President Obama.  They, he, offer no solutions, and therefore do not deserve this job.

So my stance for Medicaid Expansion is rooted in personal experience, not political motivations. This was no poll tested idea we pursued to gain the vote of the Democratic platform. While virtually every other politician in the nation has run against it, I’ve supported and will continue to work to improve it. Why not? We’re still working to improve Medicaid and Social Security two generations later.

What do we tell people? “Go to your local churches and nonprofits for assistance. My father is a Pastor of a church, yet, he was unable to foot the million dollar bill for his own grandson, not to mention parishioners who also have needs of their own. This is failed platform and it must be stopped. Your vote today, if you aren’t among the tens of thousands who participated in Advanced Voting, will send the message that this simply won’t cut it!

This campaign, this effort, as well as your vote today is about resetting the balance of power here in our state. I will work to improve Voter Rights permanently.  I will stand for increased Education budgets and nothing less.  Democrats, who were once in a powerful position and squandered a great opportunity as well, due to not listening to they’re constituents. I stand before the people of the Sixth Senate District to speak for and serve their concerns.

Your Vote today will address your concerns on many levels! We have the opportunity of sending Sen. Jason Carter (D) to the Governor’s Mansion as well as placing Sen. Connie Stokes in the Lt. Governor’s Office. We have a slew of State Offices begging for new leadership and a down ballot ticket in Cobb County that is simply stellar!

Your Vote Today, sends me to the Capitol as the next Senator for Georgia's Sixth District.

Your Vote Today, sends me to the Capitol as the next Senator for Georgia’s Sixth District.

You!…yes you, can do wonders with your vote today. We all have a story and when I am elected, I want to know yours. I will continue to reach out into our very diverse Senate District to align our next legislative session with the needs of our community. I can’t do that without you.

When you go to the polls today, #DontStopAtTheTop vote our Democratic ballot all the way down. I want your vote, but don’t forget State House-40 Candidate, Erick Allen (D); Cobb County Commissioner-District 1 Candidate, Derrick Crump (D) as well as School Board Post-2, Kenya Pierre. We have an impressive line up of candidates that truly want what is best for you and your families.

Vote Today! I am Antron Johnson and I need your vote to become Georgia’s next State Senator for the Sixth District. There are a great deal of my opponents friends and supporters not happy about this effort to unseat him. I get that,I do. Three quarters of a million dollars over his short political career has been donated and they’re looking to protect their investment.

This campaign is not about me and after today, it won’t be about him. This effort, “The People’s Campaign, has always been about the citizens and families of Georgia. The nasty personal attacks we’ve endured, the slight of hand disrespect and…guess what? It’s worth it for a chance to do what is right! I’m excited…because they are nervous!

I thank you for your support over this past year, but more importantly, I thank you for your vote today. Let’s send a message that reverberates loud and strong, that your voice will not be ignored another day. I’m counting on you, “Let’s go and win this thing Today!

You Decide – By Antron Johnson

After one year of campaigning, it's time for you to decide!

After one year of campaigning, it’s time for you to decide!

This has undoubtedly been the longest job interview I’ve ever been on and would not expect less for the privilege to represent the people of Georgia. However, what I do expect is for voters to reject this status quo style of electioneering where we select a candidate like my opponent, and then, regardless of how poor he does his job, simply keep electing him? Will not accept that.

The energy we have experienced out on the campaign trail has been coming from a new place amongst my supporters. This excitement does not only come from the hope of better days lying ahead, but also from the place of frustration within our current political system that voters reject outright.

In twenty-four hours, Georgians will go to the polls to cast their ballots for State and Local elected officials that will decide the direction of our state as well as our nation. After a year of this campaign, even I am not certain most voters understand the weight of their decision. This is huge! They will decide historic education reforms, family equality and Medicaid expansion for the uninsured. This train is out of control and needs new leadership at the helm.

Let me begin with my own State Senate race in the Sixth District covering Marietta, Smyrna, Vinings, Buckhead, Brookhaven and Sandy Springs. At just about 90-95% of the events I’ve attended, and there were plenty, virtually no one knew who my opponent was. Let’s re-phrase that, most had no idea who it was that I was challenging.

In the beginning, I would mention his name and then wait for ah-ha! moment, yet it never came. We’d often just get blank stares as if they were saying, “…are we supposed to know who he is…?” My response in my head was always, “Hell Yeah!” Why award poor performers in our legislature? You’d be fired if you did this!

My youngest daughter, Aaryn, 8, learning the importance of civic engagement

My youngest daughter, Aaryn, 8, learning the importance of civic engagement

Our connection point to concerned citizens was simple, just show our concern, for theirs. The campaign strategy began to take shape; be as many places in the district to demonstrate that we would listen, even if I disagreed. What I noticed was, Georgians were more often sharing their concerns either only with themselves and their small group of friends due to the lack of interest from their elected officials or they simply detached from a cause under the perception that all hope was lost for actually changing it!  We showed that hope was not a verb, infact, this effort was and is about doing something, engaging in the effort of reshaping how our government works for the people.

Immediately, we stopped referencing my opponent by name; why share his name more than he was? We then identified the likely 19-20% of voters “expected” to play a role in the midterm elections and then showed up where they would be to make the pitch. Today however, we have record turnout with early voters well above what was expected. I am convinced polling is not effectively accounting for minority turnout.

I found that concerned Georgians didn’t only show up to vote, they also showed up in their own neighborhoods every weekend performing some form of act of kindness or service to and for others. These voters were hiding in plain sight waiting for someone to be interested. We attempted to reach out to every Rotary and Lions Club, Chambers of Commerce and local community associations of every hue.

We weren’t putting on a show, the idea was to sit where they were comfortable and hear them out. We helped locate emergency supplies for families in need of bedding, beds and clothing, we also promoted the food collection programs in both Cobb and Fulton Counties not to mention sounding the alarm for diapers for low income families for Cobb County Diaper Day. Someone asked, “Can politicians do this…?” and the answer is “shouldn’t they be required too”?

There was a time when our elected leaders were electable only because of these public demonstrations, and not because they distanced themselves from them. The energy I feel today when speaking to people all over this district is they long for leaders who will do what they say and actually speak for them. When elected, I serve those who elect me. And no one else.

Speaking in November in South Cobb encouraging Georgians to get out and vote!

Speaking in November in South Cobb encouraging Georgians to get out and vote!

I was asked a few weeks ago, “Antron, what concerns you?” Well, my response was darker than I wanted it to be but it came from a hopeful place. My concern is “that all this energy and effort to choose your own destiny will be thwarted by politics”. In other words, that those who labored for a better future through this campaign would feel their efforts were not in vain.

That is so far from the truth because not only do I believe we will win this Senate race but we are going to perform far better than the polling indicates for our top ticket races as well as down ballot campaigns.  When I began this wonderful journey, there were several things that made what many thought was an impossible race look appealing to me:

(1) We had a State Senator with no presence in the district and absolutely no name identification values.
(2) The Democrats weren’t likely to field a candidate since just two years prior, the district had been gerrymandered (re-drawn to favor republicans, by republicans). Not challenging an ineffective candidate was not acceptable because it would only get worse the more established he became in the district.
(3) An unpopular Governor facing ethics violations would affect down-ballot turnout which would be needed for my opponent.
(4) An open U.S. Senate seat vacated by Saxby Chambliss (R), would thereby create a political vacuum of leaders for most of the year, jockeying for higher office, taking attention away from a long-shot’s attempt to retake a State Senate seat.

Every single one of these predictions came true. Likely, due to receiving bad advice, my opponent was determined to act as if I were merely a token candidate merely happy to have my name on the ballot, FALSE. This would not be a conventional campaign, but instead one where we didn’t follow the plan they designed, but instead, make them earn another term.

Not only was there no “establishment candidate” selected by the party, no one qualified to take me on in the Primary election, allowing me to run unopposed for most of the year getting our Community based message out. We built relationships in the district that we hoped would carry us through and beyond Election Day. We’d need a ground game that would surpass my opponent’s big donors down the stretch.

imageWith virtually no budget, no staff, but the great support of volunteers and concerned citizens over such an enormous district, my hope is that they get to see a true harvest, positive steps toward their own interests, not mine. This race has never been about me, but the willingness I posses to stand up for others.

So again, twenty-four hours away from making history and we are truly encouraged that we will be standing on the right side of history! Poll numbers say one thing, but turnout always says another and those are the numbers that matter most. On January 6, 2015, when I raise my hand and swear on the bible, I will do so before my God because He, alone, is the only one who could have made it possible; “…and having done all to stand, just stand.”

Get out and vote this Tuesday, November 4th! You have the power to decide your path when you vote how your dollars are utilized and accounted for, your local County Commissioners, Georgia State Legislators (House/Senate), the U.S. Senate as well as who will be our next Governor. Only you get to make that choice and there truly is only one. I am Antron Johnson, I want to serve as your next State Senator and I need your vote!

Cobb County Diaper Day

imageToday we are kicking off our effort to support Cobb Diaper Day on October 27th. The purpose of Cobb Diaper Day is to collect diapers for low-income families through the month of October. A community-wide collection will take place on October 27, 2014, at 5 p.m. at Glover Park on the Marietta Square. Cobb Diaper Day Committee volunteers will pick-up the collections or they can be brought to Glover Park. All donated diapers will be given to The Center for Family Resources, MUST Ministries, Reconnecting Families, Sweetwater Mission, United Military Care and the YWCA of Northwest Georgia to help ease some of the burden of the hundreds of families with infants and young children they serve.

Low-income families often have the daily stress of choosing between food and diapers. Prolonged wearing of a wet diaper causes diaper rash and a crying baby leads to more stress in the home. In these tough economic times, low-income families face the facts that:

• Food stamps do not include hygiene products such as diapers.

• On average, the cost to purchase diapers is approximately $100/month.

• Day-Care centers require parents to provide their own diapers.

• Local agencies, such as those listed above, can only dispense diapers four times a year to their clients, due to the lack of resources.

imageDeclare a day in October to collect diapers from your employees, members or friends and join a statewide effort.

Ask your neighbors, church, civic group, and employees to collect diapers and designate someone to deliver the donations to the Marietta Square on October 27, 2014. It may be easier for someone in your group to collect money from everyone and then send one person within your group to purchase the diapers to donate.

All sizes are needed but the greatest need is for sizes 4, 5 and 6. Every donation helps! Whether it is one package of diapers from your family, or a truck load from your place of employment, it will make the difference in the life of a child.

imageEmail cobbdiaperday@gmail.com for questions, pick-up or a list of drop off locations. Join us on Oct. 27 at 5:00 PM at Glover Park on the Marietta Square with your diapers.

This is NOT associated in any way to political activities or events of my Georgia State Senate Campaign. We hope to deliver these on your behalf on October 27th.  These are things we can do when we work together.  As a community, we have to support the least of us to preserve the true strength of us! Thank you for your support!


Antron Johnson (D)

Candidate, Georgia State Senate

District 6 / Antron@AntronGASenate.com


*This message has been edited from its original public release by sponsoring agencies, their names should in no way imply their endorsement for The Friends of Antron Johnson for Georgia State Senate, Inc, or Antron Johnson For Georgia, Inc. 

Use Your Voice: Let’s Vote -by Antron Johnson

Antron Johnson (D), Candidate, Georgia State Senate - District 6

Antron Johnson (D), Candidate, Georgia State Senate – District 6

As we head into the first week of early/advanced voting, I want to encourage you all to take advantage of this valuable right to have your voices heard. Between this coming Monday, October 13th and the 31st, it is your duty to determine the direction and trajectory as well as the velocity of where Georgia goes next.  This year we are also greatful to have the benefits of Sunday Voting and I hope many of you in the Fulton portion of the district take advantage of that as well.

We can come together and speak loudly for a more progressive agenda to get our people and our state back on track or we can double-down and continue to subscribe to a plan of division that only takes us further to the bottom of all the national tracking polls and recovery statistics. We can do better and it shouldn’t take another decade to do it.

There are 50 states in this union of America, however when it comes to unemployment, meaning, how many people are not currently working; Georgia is dead last. The republicans, my opponent included, promised to add more jobs. They not only failed at doing that, the situation has gotten much worse.

Here’s the problem. Our current GOP state leaders are pretending nothing is wrong. Governor Deal said just last week at his debate down in Perry, Georgia, “If you think these last four years have been good, and I believe they have been, just wait…we’re going to do even more.”

It’s that last “do even more” part that truly has me worried. For those who have suffered at the hand of Governor Deal and those like my opponent, Sen. Hunter Hill (R), the people I’m hoping to represent can’t endure more. Let me tell you how we got here, then you decide.

First. The Governor chooses not to believe the indicators that are in place to warn of oncoming danger. Just recently, when the new jobs numbers came out sending Georgia to the bottom of the list, Mr. Deal said “Obama must have fixed” the books because these numbers just couldn’t be right. Huh?

If he says he didn’t know this was coming…well, he talked about it last year. Even then, blame was being shifted away from the Governor’s Office inappropriately.  We can’t run our state this way. Listen, we simply can’t expect them to fix, what they choose not to believe. Secondly, when your objective is solely to cut spending, you’re likely to make significant unnecessary cuts to areas that will cause tremendous pain to those who could least likely absorb it successfully.

imageI decided last October that if no one would step forward, then I would. This current system we have is simply not considerate of the least of us. When the Governor talks about growing the economy here, well that’s true, however, cutting jobs will always help increase profits.

So sure, there’s more money flowing through our state, however, it’s touching fewer hands and fewer families than it did before Mr. Deal and Mr. Hill took office and that is a fact I really hope you check before considering re-electing them.  We are called to do bigger and greater things, but that means doing something different and not staying the course.  We have met some outstanding people over this last year and we are only just beginning to reshape and restore your faith in your government! Let’s finish this strong, we’ve got a lot of work to do.

I want people to go vote. Whether you vote for me, or for more of the same, you decide. However, your right to vote is a precious one that I will defend, even if Sen. Hill won’t within his party. They’ve promised to ensure we hear less and less of your voice, not more.  Although most Georgians enjoy voting on Sunday, the GOP caucus has all but promised to ensure it never happens again when they return in January.  This doesn’t have to be.

I am Antron Johnson and I want to be your next Georgia State Senator for District 6. The people of Marietta, Vinings and Smyrna have a voice and I am here to speak for their concerns, not those of my party. The folks in Brookhaven, Buckhead and Sandy Springs needed an alternative to this madness. They have a voice regarding expanding healthcare for the uninsured, lowering state income taxes without passing the buck to those already harmed through this recovery and ensuring we take care of our Latino Community with real immigration reform.

This Monday, you’ll get your chance to begin anew by voting early for a new direction. One that will ensure we are once and for all becoming a government of and by the people.  We have nothing to lose but our voice. Visit AntronGASenate.com and contribute to our action to reclaim our posture in this community. Email me or call the office if you have any questions or concerns if you think my team and I can assist you in getting to the polls.

We can and will win this election! The only odds we face are those created by those who decide not to show up and cast their ballot.  However, don’t just stop at the top of the ballot.  Jason Carter needs our support as the next Governor, Michelle Nunn will be our next U.S. Senator and I will serve you in the State Capital.  I need your vote, we can’t do it without you!


Antron Johnson (D)

Candidate, GA State Senate

District 6 –



Government “…Of the People…”

Antron Johnson (D), Candidate, Georgia State Senate 2014 - "Of the People"

Antron Johnson (D), Candidate, Georgia State Senate 2014 – “Of the People”

The founding Fathers of our nation looked upon this great nation as a “more perfect” union (See Preamble), yet much of what was broken then, is still broken today. Those brilliant authors and architects of liberty never afforded themselves the responsibility of governing minorities of any kind.

The fact that we as a nation, still believe, that we alone have the authority to legislate humanity in and of itself is a disservice. I wrote about this back in May, “We The People”, and asked the question: is my personhood my natural right or was it legislated?

Women were not equal then and they still aren’t today. Mexicans were obstacles to our Westward expansion since much of it was owned by Mexico, Indians were not considered sophisticated or intelligent enough to tend to the treasured lands they had lived on for ages so we established reservations and Blacks weren’t recognized as human; just mere slaves.

This failure to truly address these demographics was not just a failure of those days, but it remains. If you only had to write laws for a third of the population, but those laws “endowed” those citizens “with inalienable rights” over all the others, well, sure. Of course that premium one third is going to believe that God has blessed only them.

Women were only to be silent and seen. They themselves were to enjoy no public rights afforded to their husbands with regard to employment, voting and equality. But what of those who weren’t married? What of those who had been assaulted, what recourse did they have? What policy was in place to ensure their healthcare and welfare?

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to ensure we avoid the previous mistakes? Unfortunately, they aren’t perceived as mistakes by the perpetrator. They call it liberty, but for whom? Themselves? Our Governor, Nathan Deal has continued to support the notion that Sunday voting is nothing more than a “election loop-hole” that should be done away with!

As Voting Rights takes center stage in this Great State of Georgia and in this election, why is this an issue? Shouldn’t all efforts be made to ensure that all citizens vote? What purpose could be served by ensuring lower voter turnout is achieved?

Here’s one difference between my opponent and I. Government, I agree should not become the end all-be all of “big-ness”, however, it must not sacrifice its citizenry to remain small for the sake of the one third. We can no longer pretend the two-thirds don’t exist for the sake of small government!

Secondly, my opponent continues to support this unethical governor and his administration’s support of voter suppression. We must send a message to the State Capital that we will no longer support this backward thinking. We have big issues in our state and we need someone vocal enough to address them. We already know, per the Governor, that. Voting Rights “will be looked at in. January”.

On my iPad’s home screen, I keep a copy of the U.S. Constitution. It is such an awesome document. Its infrastructure is as impeccable as its vision for this nation’s independence and strength in the world. Progress however, cannot continue to benefit only the one third. So how do we instead govern the one third through the same checks and balances instituted in the Constitution?

Vote. President Lincoln said in his 1864 speech at Gettysburg, “We are a government of the people, for the people and by the people”. Those like myself must fight for the right to represent you. That power is yours! You, must endow us to defend those rights granted to you by that very same Constitution. Just as we, as a nation, declared our independence, so must you speak out for the progress for all people.

Don’t vote for me because I’m the first of anything and don’t vote for me because I am African American, but instead, cast your ballot because you trust your power in my hands and you believe I will speak on your behalf. My opponent hasn’t done either effectively. Each promise he made to you in the 2010 and 2012 races, he has failed to deliver, miserably. So why return him to the State Capital?

We the people of this Great State of Georgia must be able to expect our elected officials to do as we have spoken, not of their Republican Party super-majority. A non vote is a yes vote for my opponent and that simply won’t suffice this time around. I am Antron Johnson and I want to be your next Georgia State Senator for Marietta, Vinings, Sandy Springs, Smyrna and portions of Buckhead and Brookhaven. I need your support and I need your vote.

Antron Johnson (D)
Candidate, GA Senate

– District 6 –



Any Amount:  AntronGASenate.com

Donate Today!

Donate Today

It’s All About Turn-Out!

Support Antron Johnson, For Georgia State Senate, District 6

Support Antron Johnson, For Georgia State Senate, District 6

There’s a great deal of talk about Democratic turnout this election season. Will it be higher than normal, can big names at the top of the ballot and visits by The First Lady of the United States, energize the base or are there enough “social concerns” like minimum wage increases and marriage equality driving voters to the polls?

More pointedly, there’s a much bigger deal being made of African American turnout this election cycle; like many times before. Depending on the district, demographics can and will shift, but will it matter? As both parties have fractured internally under the weight majorities and super-majorities, good legislative policy is struggling to the surface. Unfortunately, what there isn’t, is, a mobilization tool that increases turnout for the political parties as a whole, not just the candidates we’d like to win.

Truthfully, both parties are guilty of such an offense casted upon the electorate. What I have enjoyed however, is the show of support this campaign has continued to receive despite our odds initially. The road was never too high or too long and in November, our election victory as a community, will cement that resolve for making Georgia better.

This coming week, we’ll be out there, getting folks registered to vote and working to piece together the necessary logistics for early voting precincts, locations and transportation for those who would need it. Sincerely looking forward to working with some key supporters in the trenches this week. There is overwhelming support for new leadership in our Senate District and because of your support, help is on the way!

This is what we know to be true; we need significant turnout in the (1) early voting phases, (2) absentee ballots and (3) Election Day turnout. The numbers are with us, registrations are tilted heavily in our direction and passion hasn’t been higher in years. Now, two years ago when democrats lost this Senate seat to my opponent:

(1a) We out-performed republicans in early voting totals; which is why most conservative lawmakers disapprove of early voting in key urban areas because it cuts into their overall figures and reduces their chance of winning handedly.

(2a) We fell just short of the absentee ballots, but no surprise there; republicans universally have excelled at absentee ballots over democrats. Various reasons for that, but one of them may very well be, Republicans, typically, have been more rooted or stable in the cities where they reside. Dems have generally been represented by demographics that tend relocate more often.

I spoke about this back in April, just prior to the Primary Election when I pledged to support “Voter Portability”. This legislation would simply do away with having to “re-register” time and time again once a voter has relocated. This legislation would simply create a state-wide or regionally identifiable voter registry. Unless you relocate from that region of the state or that state entirely, once you register, precincts would then permit any registered voter that right.

(3a) Since my Senate district comprises portions of two counties as of 2012, after the Republican led Georgia Congress expanded it…why? (More about that in a minute). In Cobb County, which makes up the vast majority of the district, democrats showed up in big numbers and would have kept the seat in democrats’ hands, however, the newly added portion of the district, Fulton County (Sandy Springs), fell 3,000 votes short of what was needed, by republican design.

Why was this done? Well, my opponent had previously ran for the same seat in 2010, however, Cobb County had done what it has always done, vote. So the GOP knew there was no way it could win without more votes, so they simply added a heavily conservative portion of neighboring Fulton County to tip the scale. So, no one was surprised that my opponent ran again, against the same Democrat incumbent he lost to just two years prior. I mean, why not? You were just gifted with new voters in the district.

So here we are, looking at how we can increase our turnout among our already existing registered and likely voters, hoping somehow, a better Georgia and prospects of more effective leadership will tip the scale back toward the people of our district. When I say, “the numbers are on our side”, that’s not rhetoric or political bluster, they really and truly are. Only If we can simply break through the noise.

Let’s not become complacent. I generally enter a room of democrats and ask, “What is the name of your current State Senator? Crickets. When I raise my hand and swear on the bible under the golden dome of our State Capital, you will never again struggle to answer that question. You will know that they under estimated the will of the people and we are more victorious for it. Beyond policy and rhetoric, you will know that I am Antron Johnson and I am your Georgia State Senator.

Add your name to the list, go to AntronGASenate.com and contribute to this calling. We need your vote, your support and your resources if we want to truly make the necessary difference. I thank you.

Antron Johnson (D)
Candidate, GA State Senate
District 6 –

Just “Wait” A Moment

So many are waiting for change but what does your waiting look like? Biblical teachings assert that, “…they who wait for the Lord will (1) renew their strength; they will (2) mount up with wings like eagles; they will (3) run and not be weary; they will (4) walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31). If waiting keeps you that busy, how busy should you be while you’re awaiting political change? You have the right to vote, one that many have fought and died for, yet many more refuse to wield its power to change their own way of life. Their simply waiting…

"Is this what waiting looks like to you? I will work to be the voice for all Georgians, equality for all" - Antron Johnson (D), for Georgia State Senate, District 6

“Is this what waiting looks like to you? I will work to be the voice for all Georgians, equality for all”
– Antron Johnson (D), for Georgia State Senate, District 6

Even those who “wait for The Lord”, are busy performing steps one thru four above as they wait. So, maybe we ought to redefine what precisely waiting is. As a voter, what are you doing as you wait for Georgia Blue? What are you doing as you anticipate a new Governor in Jason Carter? With just as many registered Democrats as there are Republicans in Georgia, why is the state bright red? Because there’s a whole lot of unproductive waiting going on.

I wrote a book, scheduled for release late this Fall, 2014 entitled, “Hope Is Not A Verb”. It was written at a time I was waiting. Ironically, putting pen to paper allowed me to renew my strength, keep from becoming weary as well walk with my head up…three out of the four above isn’t bad.  There are only two times in the bible where there is discussion about the renewal of strength and they found within two verses of each other, yet the latter begins the next chapter and is often ignored. let the peoples renew their strength; let them approach, then let them speak”.  In their waiting they still moved and spoke out. 

In that book, and I hope many of you will read it, I talk about acting out your hopes as you wait.  When you do, you’ll find that you leap without fear of consequence.  What is it that we need this November? Sure, we want victory, but there’s only one way we can get it! (1) renew your resolve for reshaping your own ideals for your life. (2) mount up and gather your friends and family of like mindset to organize for equality and change. (3) Let’s run and move with purpose to enact policies that benefit the many, not just the few. (4) Walk together into a November Victory.

My opponent loves the same God that I do, however his dedication is to his political party, not to the people he was elected to serve. Last minute yard signs and political appoints won’t change the look of that; his silence is golden. He has served this nation honorably in our Armed Forces, just as I have, yet he has been MIA from this district since his swearing-in and that is nothing to be proud about. He can’t “wait” for this election to be over and I can’t wait for his term to be over. You can help me with that! Vote.

There’s a great deal of work to do between now and November.  Republicans are not excited about their slate of candidates, although their rhetoric says otherwise.  We expect that, however.  I encourage those folks to join us in support.

For you bible scholars, there’s nothing wrong with waiting…just as well, for all you who worked to elect Barack Obama as President of the United States, we also need you to elect me as the next Georgia State Senator for District 6. We need Jason Carter as our next Governor and Michelle Nunn as our next U.S. Senator. Turning this Great State of Georgia blue won’t be hard, the numbers, the voters are on our side, just wait a moment. We just have to get busy while we wait. That’s my story and um sticking to it.

Antron Johnson, (D)
Candidate for Georgia State Senate
District 6

Keep it simple!

Here’s the thing! As the political environments over time have become more complex in their correctness, they’ve also grown just as complicated in their partisanship. No one knows what anybody is talking about anymore; we just know that we either agree or disagree. Republicans have been notorious at this. The grey areas have only gotten bigger while the more defined issues have merely become mired in the weeds.

What this has done for those of us seeking your vote is either forced more clarity on the issues or more vagueness and ambiguity. Let me be the first to say, it’s been more of the latter than the former for the GOP; but not us and not this campaign.

Where republicans tend to throw rocks from the fringe with slogans like “take our state back” or let’s “take our country back”, I want to explain why you letting them do that is a bad idea. While the GOP loves to talk about fiscal conservatism, I can’t wait to explain that what they really mean by that, they’re going to cut the services you desire to preserve theirs. Just 3 days ago, Michelle Nunn’s opponent for the U.S. Senate said “…this is how we’ll take our country back…but he didn’t say how.

Antron Johnson (D), Nominee, Georgia State Senate for District 6

Antron Johnson (D), Nominee, Georgia State Senate for District 6

Well, let me tell you. He was referring to the typical code words like “amnesty” and “secure our borders”, because he can’t say shut down the immigrant migration of Mexicans and Hispanics. Calling it amnesty makes anyone who supports providing these folks “who already live here…and have always lived here since their parents brought them to the United States over twenty years ago”, makes them appear weak on border security and national security.

You see, you don’t have to spin the truth when its right. The object is, being on the side of truth. The people of Georgia know what the truth is, they just aren’t seeing it in the legislation being proposed by their elected leaders. My opponent has just been silent as well as absent and we can do better. That’s why I’m running.

My opponent has been quiet while his leader, Gov. Nathan Deal speaks for the party. I couldn’t be more happier with that strategy. The “ride out the clock strategy” won’t work this time and I am grateful for my supporters who continue to remind of that each time they show up at an event emboldened by the opportunity they see before them.

Its simple. It is not only about registering people to vote, but instead, mobilizing the voters we’ve already registered. Next week, our supporters will be able to log on to AntronGASenate.com and volunteer as Car Pool Captains. The idea is to take someone with you when you head to your precinct or anytime during the early voting periods.

We have to get beyond just the one vote mentality when looking to turn the district or the state back to blue or even deeper purple. As a voting block, this campaign is blending all the demographics, not just one vote because we have too if we anticipate a win in November. In order to win, we will need Jason Carter’s Pledge, but also my plan for mobilization.

A few days ago, I resisted the temptation to jump right into my prepared remarks or my stump-speech which is usually loaded with issue oriented matters like Medicaid Expansion and our Governor’s lack of support despite the fact that it would immediately provide healthcare to 650,000 Georgians, and instead just spoke with passion about getting our people to the polling places, ensuring they have proper identification and etc.

We have the issues on our side, folks. We know what we have to do. We’ve talked with disgust about ethical mishaps for the last four years in our state and we’ve pained over MIA representation in our Senate District over the last two. We know what we have to do…, keep it simple! We need to elect Jason Carter as our next Governor, period. And when I’m sworn in as the next Georgia State Senator from District 6, I’d love that honor to be shared with our next Lt. Governor, the first ever woman, Connie Stokes. That’s my story and um sticking to it.

Antron D. Johnson (D)
Candidate, Georgia State Senate

District 6 – Antron@AntronGASenate.com

Gov. Nathan Deal makes a (very limited) exception to his stance against Medicaid expansion


So, let me get this right. Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia (until November), is now in support of Medicaid Expansion as long as its for children from Central America being brought to Georgia as refugees to live with volunteer Sponsor families. Deal is willing to support this, but continues to reject all the federal dollars awarded to Georgia’s uninsured. So the over 650,000 uninsured residents of Georgia, will remain uninsured? (See original article below)

Governor Deal is for this “IF” the Federal Government is footing the whole bill? Someone should inform the Governor that Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the same one he opposed for Georgia’s residents does exactly the same thing, does the Governor know that? Could it be because its not called the “Obama Assistance for Children from Central America Act”? Must be an election year.

As I’ve said from the beginning, I support the full weight of the Affordable Care Act including the expansion of Medicaid for the uninsured. What the Governor is now proposing, albeit with a wink and nod, is his support for providing Education assistance, Healthcare assistance and anything else these children might need for. I commend him for stepping up, if we could only get him to do the same for my constituents in my District and people all over the State of Georgia.

Antron Johnson (D)
Nominee, Georgia State Senate

Originally posted on Political Insider blog:

Record numbers of unaccompanied minors from Central America have been arriving at the U.S-Mexico border. Eric Gay/AP Record numbers of unaccompanied minors from Central America have been arriving at the U.S-Mexico border. Eric Gay/AP

Gov. Nathan Deal has gone to great lengths to assure his supporters that he’s against the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. But he carved out one exception this week.

It has to do with the more than 1,100 unaccompanied immigrant children transferred by the feds this year to the care of sponsors living in Georgia. The influx comes amid a surge of Central American children fleeing instability and violence at home to illegally cross the southwest border.

The governor said in an interview he expects their number to grow, and that he’s hearing they could be granted official refugee status. That means they could be eligible for state welfare programs, the costliest being healthcare coverage.

And that’s where Deal is in favor of the feds picking up the full tab…

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